Monday, 2 June 2008

Lincolnshire's extra pair of hands

Friends Judi Rudolph and Claire Clark have recently set up this innovative business providing the extra pair of hands you need to enhance your home life.

I was thrilled with the pots they planted up outside my office. They've cleaned a colleague's stainless steel oven, given a busy career mum's home a thorough spring clean whilst she was on holiday. Their list of 'can-do's is endless. So many of my city-based copywriting clients would cut off a limb for such a service, but I'm sorry guys, these smart girls are re-locators. They've moved up from the south, leaving incredibly hectic jobs in business to enjoy some family time and fresh Lincolnshire air as they redress the work life balance.

It is their understanding of business that makes them so good at what they do. Their standards are as exacting as your own. Both are smart, professional, incredibly confidential and totally dedicated.

Whether it's planning a dinner party, restyling your property for sale or a regular clean, they have a few slots available. If you're within 10 miles of LN8, I would book them whilst you still can. Click the link for contact details.

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