Monday, 28 March 2011

Vanessa Knox - A Fashion Style Icon

Every now and then one of our clients undertakes an exciting new venture and completely blows us away. Not only is Vanessa Knox a truly incredible talent in the world of fashion (I loved working with her at Isabella Oliver) but she’s amazingly wonderful with it. A true inspiration and so I was thrilled when she asked me to write for her exciting label, just launched for Spring 2011.

Being a woman in this age means being so many different things. A million things to as many people with hundreds of hats to wear and a thousand looks to carry off. Vanessa Knox has created a stunning new label to tick every box and cover every angle. From iconic Macs, luxurious floaty tunic tops, sleek trousers, tanks and slouchy jersey, her style is inimitable, luxurious, sensuous and uber stylish.

Vanessa co founded Isabella Oliver when she was pregnant with her first child. This is her first Maternity and Ready to Wear Collection under her own name. She’s a working mum just like so many of us and understands that women need a wardrobe that works from the boardroom to school run pick up.

Her new collections are designed for women who want their wardrobe to multi task in as many ways as they do. A look that’s just perfect before, during and after children plus all that’s in between - you know, life! So why not spend it in comfort and style with inspiring prints and catwalk worthy designs. Her RTW collection has so many gorgeous pieces, we just want them all.

Vanessa has enjoyed quite a celebrity following in the past and we predict you’ll be seeing the A-list sporting VK style icons in from London to her native New York very soon.


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