Thursday, 20 December 2007

Brand name copy anyone?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Google News over a lunchtime sandwich try Word of the Day on my website courtesy of This week I’ve enjoyed ‘pari passu’ meaning at ‘equal step’ and am desperate to use it somewhere.

The idea is to step out side your comfort zone and be inspired by new language. Hey I’m not advocating words that can’t be understood. As a commercial writer, I’m well schooled in keeping it simple, but the odd foray into the unknown and unclichéd is good for the soul. Another of my favourite words was in the news recently ‘chromophobia’ – a book and a film, but 5 years ago just a word I loved because it had brand name written all over it. My plan? To develop a fabulous website selling only black and white gifts and accessories. I’ve just checked and the dot com domain is for sale. Brand name anyone?

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Eamon said...

Hi Sarah

Interesting site

Would you like to link up with me? (creative thinking - advertising and media)


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