Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Copywriters love Macs

When I set up my copywriting business back in 1994 I bought a tiny little black Apple Mac laptop with a roller ball mouse in the centre. I can't remember how much if cost m or what it was called but to me it was priceless. I had previous worked on a PC with no pictures, no pretty icons just coloured type and a black screen. It amazes me now looking back. Although copywriters deal in words, as commercial visual thinkers we like graphics too. Since then I've had iMacs, Powerbooks and an iBook. And loved them all.

Over the last couple of years I've discovered KRCS. The guys at HQ in Nottingham have been so helpful. They gave me great prices for a whole load of new kit in 2006, set it all up for me out here and continue to provide me with very reasonable (and incredibly patient) technical support over the phone (thanks guys)! Anyway my Mac Mini was slow - always had been - so off I went to Leeds (multi-tasking with a hair cut!) to get some extra memory fitted. One email prior to going to deputy manager Robert Hull confirmed it would be a doddle. And it was. Not only are Macs friendly and efficient, Mac people are very friendly and efficient too and the KRCS Mac people are a delight to deal with across every aspect of the business. Well done.

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